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What Makes Access Consciousness Different? – Marilyn Bradford



Are you a seeker? Have you always known there had to be more? I tried lots of different modalities before finding Access Consciousness®.

Over the years I’ve done Eastern and Western religions, followed a guru in India, was a very good astrologer, practiced every major form of meditation, and spent many years in 12 steps. In addition, I’ve been a psychotherapist for over 22 years and had done countless types of therapy and training.

Access Consciousness is not like anything I have ever done. It is in a class by itself. It is not “spiritual” or metaphysical, or a religious. Why? -because it does not have a structure or dogma or set of beliefs that you must accept or fit yourself into. It took me awhile to register the impact of that. We all look for similarities between the new and that which is familiar to us. You can’t do that with Access Consciousness. It is unlike anything else out there!

Everything I’ve ever tried or heard of is based on some set of beliefs – in the stars, in gods, in a theory of human behavior, not to mention assumed truths about man, this reality, and what was possible and not possible. Each modality was essentially an answer – a fixed set of conclusions that you were supposed to accept as the basis for making decisions and knowing who you were, what was possible and not possible, how to act and what to do and not do. Each modality gave a person some definition of themselves to work from. There was nowhere to go except within the confines of the given paradigm. It was a box, and you had to stay in the box or suffer the consequences of the group.

Access has no dogma, no belief system and no paradigm for you to believe in or accept as truth. No boundaries or limits are put on you. This is one of the first qualities that makes it so very different. Think about it – have you ever known or been involved with anything that did not start with some definition of you and a basket of “truths”? Access Consciousness is about empowering each person to know what they know. Not in a context or set structure, but as an infinite being who is capable of knowing everything. Access is about facilitating you to be your own expert, rather than rely on someone else’s “truths”. Access will never define you or in any way limit what you can be or do or create or generate. Wow! I’ve never known anything to be so liberating, if a bit scary at first!

There are many other ways that set Access apart. While it was not obvious to me at first, I soon realized that every other modality I had tried was based on judgment. There was always a given about what was right, what was wrong, what was good and what was bad. These judgments were assumed to be truths, rather than what they were – someone’s arbitrary point of view. Not only that, but anything based on judgment sticks us in polarity. It’s essentially a binary system that can’t be overcome. Access operates from a space of no judgment. It’s about consciousness.

I’ve noticed that in the past few years, many of the popular self help and spiritual gurus are now talking about consciousness instead of love. It’s the current “in thing”. Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, has been talking about consciousness for over 25 years, and as far as I know he is the only one who actually gives a definition for it. In his words : “Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.” How different would your life be without judgment? What if you didn’t have to be ruled from some fixed external set of what’s right and what’s wrong for you. What if you had the tools to learn to not judge yourself? Might your life open up in almost unimaginable ways? Mine certainly did!

This is an extract from the article “What Makes Access Different?”, written by Marilyn Bradford and published on the Access Consciousness Blog. To read the full article, please click here.

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