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[Video Blog] Trusting You… What if that is brilliance you are creating? ~ Lisen Bengtsson

During these last years of creating with the tools of Access Consciousness, my life has changed so much. My business has exploded!

I can never complain that I don’t have enough to do. Sometimes I do require to add new creative things, otherwise I get bored doing similar things.

Actually I am always on an adventure to explore new things! And what I have noticed is, the more questions I ask about different things, the more they show up. And they show up VERY DIFFERENT than I expected them to. It always surprises me how amazingly interconnected everything is.

For example, you can be shopping and get an urge to go into a shop and there is a person that has information for something else you might have been asking about for a while.

If you don’t have a pre-fixed or super structured expectation of how and when things have to be done, you can allow the universe to contribute to what you are asking for.

The universe won’t generally send you an email with directions or google map. It will show you in a way you can perceive it, and it is up to you to choose it; to go into action.

There are so many possibilities every day! And when we let go of our points of view (and it can be in any area of our lives) we open to more space and it’s like the sunshine can get through instead of thick clouds preventing it!

Are you ready for more sunny adventurous days in your life? What if you were willing to trust your awareness? Would you be willing to explore and create so much more?

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