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To Be or Not To Be You?

Do you spend most of your time choosing to be you, or the antithesis of you?

“Antithesis” is where you take on the opposite of what is your natural capacity and natural way of being.

So much of how this reality functions is about judging you into becoming totally other than what you truly are.
If you take a look at today’s schooling system – is it about encouraging difference, or teaching you how to conform? In most cases, the school system is really an ‘anti-possibility’ paradigm.

What we are taught in school is there is a wrong and right way to do it. There are no alternatives, it’s “this is the way it is, deal with it”. If you are given an assignment to draw a house, a person and a tree, you better just draw a house, a person and then a tree, not a house in a tree with a person inside the house! That would be doing it different, and as we know, difference is wrong! Right?

Another great example of judging difference is the concept of morality. It’s so funny because the whole idea of morality is to impel a ‘no-choice’ paradigm, you are not supposed to be you, you are supposed to be Mr. or Mrs. Moral!

Being moral, the same and not different is defining what is right and wrong, good and bad, so you can have problems and be normal, just like everyone else. Because normal is having problems. If you didn’t have any problems, you would be way too different and probably have no more friends!

So many of us have these points of view there is something wrong with us because we don’t fit in or we are not normal. That judgment is what’s keeping you from tapping into what you can create that is totally different and unique. You have to begin to trust you to know that there is something else possible.

There is not one way to do anything and everything! There are millions of different ways and choices. And we are all extremely different. We are all different in how we function and how we look at things and choose things – we’re not right and not wrong. We just make different choices that will lead to different possibilities. But as long as you are only willing to look for what’s right according to this reality, you will get stuck in the antithesis of you.

How do you assist people to learn they have possibilities?

There’s a lot of ways… really simple… staring with this awesome question “what’s right about me, I’m not getting?” Ask this every time you are judging you for being or doing something wrong.

And why not listen to the replay of our recent Voice America radio show episode “You, or the Antithesis of You?” where we had a great conversation about this and discussed tools, questions and awareness’s that can begin to give you a sense of what it truly!

What have you created as the antithesis of you that you can now let go of?

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