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If Money Were Your Lover…

“Unexpected money is a delight. The same sum is a bitterness when you expected more.” – MARK TWAIN

Mark Twain might just be onto something here.  Is it really the money that causes all the consternation in our lives, or our point of view of money?

How many points of view about money do you have?  Are they points of view that create delight with the money in your life, or that create judgment and worry and unhappiness?  If you were willing to have more gratitude for the money you have (even if it’s no way near as much as you would like!) would that open a door for you to receive more?


When money comes into your life, what is your immediate feeling, thought or emotion?  Are you delighted? Grateful? Do you immediately think ‘ok well, that’s for that bill…. Where’s the rest?’, do you think ‘It’s not enough!!!’.  Every time you say, think, or feel that you don’t have enough money, that is the energy you are being and that you will create your monetary reality with.

In a recent episode of Crème de la Crème with special guest and author of ‘Joy of Business’, Simone Milasas, we posed the question ‘what if money were your lover?’  Take a moment to think about your point of view about money in your life right now – what thoughts, feelings and emotions do you have about money?

Now, imagine if money were your lover, how would it feel about you based on the point of views you deliver at it?  Would it feel welcome, would it feel loved?  Would it feel appreciated?  Would it desire to spend more time with you and gift more to you? Or would it feel criticized and judged as never being or doing enough?

Like Mr Twain says, when you expect more and it doesn’t show up, it makes being delighted impossible. If you have no expectations, it’s a lot easier to be happy with what shows up.  And what about if the money that’s showing up isn’t as much as you would like?  No problem!  It’s not about resigning yourself to what shows up and trying to make it enough for you when it isn’t.  But if you are willing to give up your expectations, judgments of money (and of you in regards to money) you will allow more joy, more gratitude and a big invitation for more money to come play with you!

If you are willing to say to money ‘thank you for showing up! It’s not as much of you as I’d like, what would it take for more of you to show up in my life?’, that would be a much greater invitation for money to come and play with you than ‘you are never around enough, why don’t you show up more in my life?’

It’s just like with a lover. If you have expectations of them, are they more likely or less likely to be willing to deliver?  What if you invite your lover to play without the energy of expectation attached? When people have expectations of you, how do tend to feel about them?  Not so fun? But when people invite you to be in their lives, with no expectations, just with gratitude for you, isn’t it so much more enticing?

If money were your lover, what fun ways would you entice it to come play with you?

To listen to Crème de la Crème radio episode “What if Money Were Your Lover?” with Simone Milasas, go here.  To access all recent and archived episodes, please go here for the archived shows.

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