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Creating a Future You Will Enjoy

One of the tools of Access Consciousness that we love to play with is the question “If I choose this what will my life be like in 5 years?”

The purpose of this questions is really about realising that everything will be totally different from now in 5 years time. Most people live very day to day and don’t really consider what they would like to have and be in their lives 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now. Instead of being on automatic pilot and just hoping it will be better one day, we can ask ‘what can I do now to tap into what that difference will be and start to create it consciously?”

A question that Strategic Awareness and Innovation leaders in Business, Steve and Chutisa Bowman, are always asking is “What can I add to my life?” It’s one of the great secrets of creating your future!

Chutisa and Steve are experts in starting and have creating possibly hundreds of businesses, and they do it differently. There are a few simple things they make sure they are being and doing to make it an ease and adventure.

1. Perceive the ENERGY of what you would like your life to be like. The energy of a well-known author, or a trail blazer in business, or an innovator in the performing arts industry. You don’t have to have picture or result, in fact it’s better if you don’t. Just tap into the energy and what that would be in your life.

Chutisa states “If I ever have clarity on what I want to create, I know I am already creating based on the past. When you are coming from the space of being fuzzy, where something is unclear or undefined, and not quite sure where things are, there’s no reference point for your knowing. You have to go by following the energy and being the question.”

2. Give up saying ‘I don’t know what to do or how to create this!’ What if you do know? And what if you started doing something different than you have done before? Does it matter what it is that you do? No, it doesn’t. It just matters that you choose to be and do something different.

Steven describes how Chutisa functions when she has a new business idea: “It often starts from “this is light, this we can add to our lives. What would it take for me to know some more about this?” She will read, or google or do something different from sitting back or thinking she doesn’t know.”

Acknowledge that even saying ‘I don’t know’ is a choice. If you are willing to see that is a choice, you can also begin to see that you have other choices available too.

3. Ask more questions. “What can I add to my life?”, “What would I have to be or do different to have this in my life?”, “Who can I talk to and where can I go that would assist me in creating this?”

4. START! Start doing anything. – Every choice will create an awareness and you can change and choose again. Always start though, and don’t think too much about it!

5. Be willing to be out of control! Most people create from control – they already have a fixed view about what they want to create. They already have a point of view about what they want the result to be. Chutisa says not being willing to be out of control and give up your expectations is key to creating more with ease: “You need to let go, or you will be vested in the outcome and get upset if it doesn’t show up the way you’d like.”

6. Start by asking what is fun and easy for you! So often, we totally ignore creating with the things that come easy to us, because we have decided it’s so easy that it has no value. We only value it if it’s hard work, takes a long time or costs a lot of money. Weird, or what?!

“To quote one of the great phrases,” says Steve Bowman “Just do it!” Thinking about it does not create anything, but choosing something will give you more information and more choices.

What could you choose today that would create a greater future for you right away?

Steve and Chutisa Bowman were special guests on The Value of Controversy’s Radio Show on Voice America recently. Please go here to listen to the archive of the show!

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